FIXERS IN KENYA: Being licensed film agents, means that we are licensed to handle ground work for both international and local film crews filming in Kenya. As fixers we are able to provide you with all round services from licenses, permits, scouting, sourcing crew, locations, set building, equipment, catering, accommodation etc.

FIXERS AROUND AFRICA: As we are members of the East African Film Network, we have a broad range of contacts from around Africa. As a result of this, we are able to provide you with solutions for filming around Africa too.

WILDLIFE FILM MAKING: with our experience, and being based in East Africa, we are able to produce wildlife film productions for you in the region. We are also able to set up mobile base camps for filming crews in the most isolated and off the beaten tracks.

DOCUMENTARY FILM MAKING: We are able to produce documentaries for you in the region, and even handle groundwork and logistics for your production.

PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT: We are fully kitted in terms of production and post-production gear. What we do not have, we can also source for you locally.